Club Profile Progress Part 3

Sorry everyone, no fancy images in this post 😦 but I do have some updates about the club profile page and some bonus social media stuff.

Progress on the club profile screen is going good. I resolved the issue I talked about yesterday where I couldn’t render the second data point on my line chart. I still think they have a bug, but it seems there was a better way to fill the chart and I’m too lazy to report it. Seriously it takes a lot just to report a bug. They want you to create a sample project on one of those JavaScript testing sites. I also moved the chart up above the club description/welcome message because when a club has a long description, the chart gets placed off the bottom of the screen, and nobody wants to scroll down there just for the chart. I think if it’s more accessible, more people will use it. Another thing I addressed was the size of the chart. It was scaling to the width of the screen, which looked great on mobile platforms, but on a desktop it was humongous. Now it stays at 900 pixels wide until your screen goes below that and it fills whatever space is available.

As for bonus social media stuff, I created an “app” on Facebook so that I could try out content sharing, liking, and commenting. It all seems pretty cool so far and I am contemplating whether or not it’s a good idea to include commenting on the site. It’s the internet, people get nasty and I don’t want to have to moderate the comments section for 1000 clubs potentially. Where would the comments sections even go? On each club profile page or on the details for each race or series? For now, I think it’s best left up to each club to decide where they want there discussions to take place. The club that I am a part of uses Reddit for our discussions. We also have a “secret” Facebook group because we have all been racing together so long that we don’t mind if we all know who we really are. A few of us have even met in person!

See how cool racing clubs can be? Thanks for reading!


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