Now Supporting MXGP 2


MXGP 2, Motocross racing game was released in the UK today and is available on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. America is seeing a delayed release but we are supporting the game and the 18 FIM Motocross World Championship circuits.

I haven’t seen a lot of the game yet, only trailers but it looks beautiful and I like that it seems down to earth, rather than having a bunch of insane fantasy tracks.

One potential league, MX Online Racing has already expressed interest in using Racing Club Manager to help schedule races and keep results. Hopefully it takes off and becomes a legendary game for motocross racing. Enjoy!


Now Supporting Driveclub!


Now Driveclub isn’t a racing simulator, but it can be fun to schedule series based on the cars and tracks that the game offers. We now fully support Driveclub and all of the tracks from the initial release and the game’s DLC. As soon as new DLC tracks are released, we will update accordingly. Have fun racing!

Support for F1 2014

f1-2014Racing Club Manager now supports F1 2014!

I actually had to ask someone who owned the game for the list of tracks because after a ton of Google searches I came up with no definitive list. Regardless of the method I used to acquire the tracks, we now support F1 2014 and we hope to get some F1 clubs using the site soon.

Forza 6

On the heels of the Forza 6 announcement, we have added Forza 6 as an option when creating a new club. Obviously we don’t know what tracks will be in the game, so you will not be able to schedule any races. You will be able to start a club based around the game and start recruiting members now.