Release History

  • Release #1 – January 9, 2015 – Initial Release
  • Release #2 – February 20, 2015 – Teams and Multi-Class Support
    • Ability to define a series as multi-class
    • Ability to define a series that uses teams
    • Ability to define team name, abbreviation and members
    • Ability to define different classes per series
    • Ability to enter results for multi-class and team enabled races.
    • Render results for normal, multi-class, and team races appropriately
  • Release #3 – March 26, 2015 – Qualifying/Starting Position Support
    • Ability to enter qualifying/starting position for each race in a series
    • Display qualifying/starting position in race results
    • Display average qualifying/starting position on Racers screen(average does not include DNQs)
    • Display total number of podium finishes on Racers screen
  • Release #4 – May 26, 2015 – Endurance Support
    • Ability to define a race length as distance or time
    • Ability to record best lap time and overall time/distance
    • Added Podium % and Rival to Racers screen
    • Added # of Podiums and Podium % to Leaderboard screen
  • Release #5 – June 18, 2015 – Manage Club Members Renovation
    • New, clean, easy-to-use page for managing club members
    • Ability to navigate to manage club members page via main menu bar
    • Ability to change a member’s name
    • Ability to see the last time a member showed up to a race
    • Ability to sort by last raced date
    • Ability to activate and deactivate a member
    • Ability to remove a member if they have never recorded a result
  • Release #6 – July 10, 2015 – Housekeeping and Mobile Improvements
    • Admins – Mobile users can now record results
    • Admins – Available Racers now sorted by active members at the top, inactive at the bottom
    • Admins – When selecting available racers you can now highlight IN ORDER from first place to last place and when you click the arrow to move racers to results, we keep the correct order.
    • Everyone – When viewing a club’s Series screen, we only show active series by default. Now you have to click a button to show inactive series. This helps with load times.
  • Release #7 – August 7, 2015 – Racer Stats
    • Every racer in every club will have their own stats page
    • Show racer’s gamer ID, whether or not they are active and what club they are in
    • Show number of series won and a percentage(wins/series attended)
    • Show number of races won and a percentage(wins/races attended)
    • Show number of races attended and a percentage(attended/all finished races)
    • Show number of series attended and a percentage(attended/all finished series)
    • Show pie graph showing slices for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, non-podium, and DNFs
    • Show line graph of average finish position over last 60 days
    • Social media share buttons
  • Release #8 – October 9, 2015 – Platforms & Penalty Points
    • Ability to give out penalty points to any racer in a given race
    • Clubs will now be able to specify which platform they race on and it will show on club searches and the club profile page
    • Club Profile will now include the game your club is associated with
    • Series leaderboards will show the # of races each racer has attended for this series
    • Series leaderboards will show ties if they occur
  • Release #9 – December 11, 2015 – Results for Privateers
    • Results now support team-enabled series w/ privateers
    • Ability to highlight a member on the leaderboard page, allows you to track someone through months or years without searching for their name
    • Reduced ability to accidentally have duplicate members by checking if they exist before allowing request to join
  • Release #10 – February 26, 2016 – Series Results for Privateers
    • Series Details screen now supports team-enabled series w/ privateers
    • Streamlined editing the type of series
    • When add or edit points template, asked if you would like to use this template for this series
  • Release #11 – March 30, 2016 – Exclude Races from Series
    • Ability to exclude a race from being calculated into final series leaderboard, while allowing that race to still be counted in racer’s individual statistics and all-time leaderboard
    • Better UI on screen that has list of series, better loading times too 🙂
    • Updated manage races admin screen UI, bigger fonts, dropdown menu for managing individual races
    • Updated UI on club home screen for club default button and ask to join button
  • Live Race Flags – May 4, 2016
    • Ability to set a flag(warmup, green, yellow, red, finish) and have racers see what flag you have set in about a second.
    • added club URL slug to club home page
  • Release #12 – July – Drift Brackets
    • Ability to generate brackets of various sizes for drift tournaments, single elimination only

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