Project CARS Aston Martin Track Expansion

Project CARS recently released an expansion pack including a few Aston Martins and a new race location. The new location is Mojave and includes 5 multiplayer layouts. The large testing oval is not a multiplayer layout but you do get to drive up the steep banks on a few of the maps. The layouts were added to today, so schedule some future races now!mojave2-pcars mojave-pcars


Spa 24 Hour Cancer Research Race

Corn Wolf Gaming


I have been banging on about this for a while so I will not take too long on this one, I will also post the video I have done at the end of this which says it all anyway and I have a little heart to heart with my subscribers.

So on the 5th September 2015 @ 1500 BST the chequered flag will drop on the first ever 24 Hour Race @ Spa on Forza 5 for Cancer research. The whole event will be shown on Twitch and you can donate there.

For lobby stability there will be 13 teams on track at once and up to 12 drivers per team with each driver doing 2 hour stints.

If you want to enter a team submit it here:

If you wish to donate please donate here:

Thanks and enjoy the video.

Corn Wolf

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SimRaceway totally didn’t buy their Facebook likes at all :^)

Pretty funny when you compare to other very popular games like iRacing and especially Forza. Good post guys!

Pretend Race Cars

Earlier today I got a tip from one of my four readers (WordPress gives me that data) that a topic on the Assetto Corsa forums appeared in which there was a discussion that Kunos had bought Facebook likes for their fanpage, and with Facebook cracking down on some of these inflated numbers by removing them, one user claimed the amount of “likes” for their page had dropped significantly and that it was a sign Kunos had bought followers to make AC seem more popular than it actually is.

I don’t know how accurate this rumor is because the guy sending in the tip couldn’t provide any screenshots, which this blog relies on pretty heavily to spread rumors that usually turn out to be true. I also don’t see Kunos doing this sort of thing, as they’ve been almost the rockstars of this genre since Assetto Corsa launched in late…

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Who was the greatest F1 driver?

This is a very interesting read if you’re an F1 fan or a stats/charts person.


Arguments over whether Schumacher was greater than Fangio are not new.

I’m going to present something that is new: the results of a mathematical model designed to answer who was the greatest Formula 1 driver of all time.

You may disagree with any attempt to answer this question on principle, and that’s okay by me. I hope you will nevertheless find this to be an interesting approach.

The first attempt to rank drivers using a model was in 2009 by Eichenberger and Stadelmann (paper here and pdf here). Without giving too much away, my model agrees with theirs on several of the top ranked drivers. However, many of the previous model’s results don’t pass a sanity check. Ukyo Katayama is ranked ahead of Nigel Mansell, Erik Comas is ranked ahead of Ayrton Senna, Arturo Merzario is ranked ahead of Jack Brabham, Mark Blundell is ranked ahead of Niki Lauda…

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Redline GTP – the mod Papyrus didn’t want you to see

Pretend Race Cars


My memory has faded and the exact details of the launch and controversy surrounding it have been lost to the sands of time, but in early 2005, after it had been announced that Papyrus would venture off into the unknown and eventually create iRacing, numerous NR2003 modders would attempt to turn the NASCAR sim into a platform for many different types of racing disciplines.

Through a joint operation that saw lawsuits get thrown at a few different individuals for violating NDA’s and certain terms of the End-User License Agreement, one of the results of the ugliness surrounding the NR2003 modding scene was the Redline GTP mod.

Requiring a clean, alternate install of NR2003, patched to version, the original version of the Redline GTP mod featured the four most prolific cars of late 80’s Group C Endurance racing – as well as an EXE that was illegal to create BUT…

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rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa, simraceway

I got carried away and added the tracks(that I could find) to rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa, and simraceway. The Racing Club Manager now supports 7 games with more to come. The full list is as follows:

  • Forza 4 – 132 tracks including variations
  • Forza 5 – 53 tracks including variations
  • Project CARS – 52 tracks including variations
  • iRacing – 99 tracks including variations
  • rFactor 2 – 26 tracks including variations
  • simraceway – 111 tracks including variations
  • Assetto Corsa – 16 tracks including variations

The games I still need to support are GranTurismo 5 & 6, F1 2014, rFactor 1, and maybe others if anyone shows interest.