Unexpected Update

I pushed an update that I did not plan on developing for a while, but I’m glad it is out there. Now club admins have the ability to edit their club URL slug. I think I’m using the technical term “slug” loosely, because all I really implemented was a smart 404(page not found error) page.

Basically you can make your slug, for example, “RDUX” and then the URL you give out to people would be “racingclubmanager.com/RDUX” instead of “racingclubmanager.com/club_home.cfm?club=2”

“RDUX” is not a directory or page on the Racing Club Manager site so technically you’re getting a 404 page not found error and my 404 error page extracts the “RDUX” out of the URL you tried to access and looks up what club to navigate to. If you were to incorrectly type the slug, you will get the normal 404 error page.

You can edit your slug on the Club Profile admin page. It can match your club name or be something totally different. It must be unique and cannot contain any special characters other than spaces, underscores, and periods.

You should know that using a space is going to break the link when trying to share it with people on twitter, facebook or really any site. If your slug has a space, it will still work if you were to type it directly into a browser.

I hope someone finds this feature useful as I have for my own club, thanks for reading!


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