Update on Release 4

No sorry I don’t have a release date yet, but I do have a screenshot of the manage races screen to show you. I outlined the sections that have changed in red and orange below.

admin_races_resultsIn red, it used to only allow you to specify a number of laps. Now we have the ability to define the length of a race as either a distance or a time. Time is recorded in hours and minutes and you also have the option to define what the unit of measure will be in the results. As people who run endurance races know, if you race for 2-3 hours you would record your results in feet or meters traveled over the course of that 2-3 hours. You can choose between laps, miles, feet, kilometers, and meters for units of measure and can record up to 3 decimal places for accuracy.

In the orange, I have added new fields to the results capture area. You can now record each racers best lap time and depending on whether your race is based on distance or time, you can record the total time taken to complete the distance or the total distance traveled in the amount of race time.

It seems we might be running out of room in the results capture area, so when we eventually add more fields we might have to change our user interface to allow more room and ease of use.

I still need to work on the race details and series details screens, as well as the club home pages to implement showing the data that can now be captured. We are still probably a few weeks away from release but I will update everyone on a more stable time frame soon.

Thanks for reading this and for choosing Racing Club Manager to assist you in your digital racing lives. As always any feedback or suggestions on how to make this site work better for you is greatly appreciated, so contact me ASAP.


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