#LiveryContest2016 Entries

Well the first entry for #LiveryContest2016 came in today from PTG FOX so it’s time to start a post that lists all of the entries as they roll in.

PTG FOX – 2016 Winner!

2015 Infiniti Q60 Concept featuring Red Bull F1 team president Christian Horner.


Here is a short video clip showing the side and bonnet. [MP4 via Twitter]

PTG Brains

2015 Nissan Altima Super V8 – Mostly white with orange and dark blue highlights. Photos were taken by PTG DAN0 408 and they came out amazing. This is the first time I’ve ever drooled over a Nissan Altima.



One of the best Forza racing livery creators just tweeted this 2011 #35 SLS GT3 out on deadline day. Great work.



This 2015 Chevrolet Daytona Prototype is white with orange/blue highlights and gives off a sort of southwestern vibe. Slap this livery on and take some laps around COTA for maximum effect.


Dr Hoc

Dr Hoc of RDUX fame tried his hand at a Racing Club Manager livery on this Toyota Supra. Definitely getting brownie points for provided shots at my home track Limerock. Thanks for the submission Dr Hoc.





Livery Contest 2016 Details

Any Forza Game, Any Car, Fantasy, Realistic… It doesn’t matter. This year we want to encourage Forza painters to come up with their own versions of what a Racing Club Manager livery would look like. Our primary colors are dark blue, orange, white but that doesn’t mean you absolutely need to use those colors in your livery. Think, “What scheme will make my livery stand out from the rest?” and go from there. Last year‘s winner SCS Skreamies won because he had a super clean, realistic livery. Although we are encouraging you to think outside the box this year, that doesn’t mean that a really great clean racing livery cannot get the win.

This year’s livery contest is going to be Forza-based since every one of last year’s entries came from Forza painters and the top 9 clubs on racingclubmanager.com are Forza clubs. So you could consider this sort of a Forza appreciation event.


The winner of the contest will receive $10 USD via PayPal and will ultimately be judged by me, the creator of Racing Club Manager. I will however hold a fan vote and take the fan’s votes and comments into consideration before making my final decision.

Entry Submission

Entries can be submitted to Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit by May 6th 2016. That gives everyone 8 weeks to come up with an idea and execute it. Monday May 9th I will declare a winner and send the money via PAYPAL so make sure you’re set up to receive money.

Past Entries & Other Samples

Below are the entries from last year and some other liveries I have made in Forza just to get the creative juices flowing.

Last year’s winner SCS Skreamies
Another really great one from last year by Forza_ElMutem
This one I made for the first RDUX Forza 6 series

Livery Contest 2015 Entries

If you want to enter the livery contest, Click Here to see all the details.

@Ninjorz – Holden HSV GTS – Forza Motorsport 5ninjorz1


@Ninjorz – Formula E – Forza Motorsport 5ninjorz2


@Forza_ElMutem – BMW M3 GT – Forza Motorsport 5



@Skreamies – Lexus LFA – Forza Horizon 2



@stuzib85 – Ferrari F12berlinetta – Forza Horizon 2.



Livery Contest 2015

liver-contest-2015-03The first official Racing Club Manager livery contest. Here are the details.

Submissions must be posted as an image to twitter and @RacingClubMgr must be tagged in the post, or we won’t see it to count it.

Anything sent after May 1st will not be counted as the prize will be given on May 2nd.

The livery needs to be a Racing Club Manager themed racing livery and can be painted onto ANY CAR from ANY racing game that supports custom liveries.

We will share any submissions via twitter using #RCMLivery and here on wordpress under the category LiveryContest.

The winner will be chosen by me with the help of the Forza club I belong to, RDT3.

I will be using PayPal to send the $10 USD prize to the winner, so make sure you have your PayPal account set-up. If PayPal doesn’t work for you, I can make an exception to send the prize in Bitcoins.

I can’t wait to see all the entries! Good luck!