Series Details Screen

This weekend I finished up the Series Details screen and you can see an image of it at the bottom of this post. I implemented it on the main series screen, so that whenever you click the name of a series you will see the details screen in a dialog. Just like the Race Details screen, you can click a button to pop it out of the dialog and make it a full page.

Also on the Series Details screen, is a list of races in the series. Each race listed is a link to the Race Details screen for that race. As part of this feature I added a back button on the Race Details screen, so users can easily go back and forth through all the races in a series.

The next thing I need to work on is on the Admin version of the Club Profile screen. I added a link to that screen when I created it, that allows you to edit the administrators of your club. You will be able to add admins by giving them a user name and setting their permission level. A random strong password will be generated and sent to the e-mail address that is provided. This new user will log in with that password and have a chance to change the password to whatever they want.

I eluded to permission levels and to expand on that there will be 3 levels. Level 0(zero) is the highest level and it allows an admin to edit other admins access and permissions, edit the club profile screen and everything the other levels have access to. Level 1 allows access to accept or deny requests to join the club and add series, races and input results. Level 2 only allows access to accept or deny requests to join.

So not only do I need to create the screen where you add/edit the admins, I need to hook up the permissions into all of the admin screens so that admins with permission level 1 and 2 can’t access the add/edit admins screen because they should not have access to that screen.

This will take a while to complete, but you can stay updated on my progress by viewing this blog. I’ll have updates with images along the way.

Thanks for reading! see below for the series details screen shot.

This is the Series Details screen as a dialog.

Race Details as a Dialog Part 2

Last night I finished implementing the Race Details screen everywhere it needed to be. I also came across some user interface issues on some pages that were showing a dialog, so I fixed them quickly.

Now that the Race Details screen is coded and implemented, I can move on to the Series Details screen. The Series Details screen will be similar to the Race Details screen except that it will contain a prominently displayed leader board specific to this series. Below the leader board will be the series description that is collapsible. Below that will be a list of races in the series. Each race listed is a link to the Race Details screen. For that to work well I will need a “Back” button on the Race Details screen.

After I finish up this series details screen, I am going to move on to the sign-up screen and then the custom 404 page after that. The new year is approaching quickly and I want to make sure that I have some vital pieces working so there isn’t a time crunch. I was doing my budget and unless I get some money for Christmas, it looks like I won’t be able to purchase the server and domain names until around January 8th. It would be nice to have what I want for release #1 done before January so I can start some sort of count down to launch to get everyone excited. Absolute worse case scenario, I launch on January 19th.

Thanks for reading!

Race Details Screen Part 3

This is Part 3 in the Race Details Screen Posts. If you are looking for Part 1 and Part 2, look no further.

I worked on the Race Details Screen some more. As always, I was side tracked, and this time by some social media stuff. I added a share button for Facebook and Twitter to this screen. I think this screen will be the most shared out of anything else on the site, so it’s important to get it done now. I still need to work on using the page as a dialog thing, but that shouldn’t take too much longer. I did have time to put in code for cases where there are no results yet.

In other news, I e-mailed Paul at Ebcon Publishing about my site to see if there was any interest. Ebcon publishes the new Sim Racer Magazine out of the UK. I think they just put out their 3rd issue recently and it is gaining traction in the community. We’ll see if anything comes out of that, or if they provide any feedback.

I also was turned on to another wordpress blog. This blog is about Robert Tolley, a British sim racer who is chronicling his journey into iRacing. It sounds interesting and I have started following his blog to see what happens.

That’s it for now, thank for reading!

Race Details Screen Part 2

So if you read Race Details Screen Part 1 you would know I was having issues about what this screen would ultimately look like. I figured out a solution and am sharing the image below.

The issue I was having was with how I should show the results. When it was just the race results, it looked to left-heavy. I decided to put the race results and the current series standings to the right of the race results. This evens up the page and gives some more useful information. Racers usually know where they placed in any given race but they don’t always know where they stand in the current series. Doing it this ways eliminates having to resort to using a completely separate page or using a dialog.

I still have some work to do on this page before I call it “done.” I still need to add code so that it can be used as a dialog for other screens. I plan on using it as a dialog on the main Races screen. When you click a race name either under Upcoming Races or Recent Results, this Race Details screen will pop up in a dialog. Obviously for upcoming races there won’t be any results, so I could hide that tab altogether for those situations.

I have a few hours to go on this screen, but when it’s done and implemented everywhere then I can call the Club Profile page done. While playing around with the site I noticed that there is no way to add a new series via the manage series/races screen. I’m not sure how I overlooked that, but that is what I am working on after the club profile. Then as long as I don’t find anything else vital in my final round of testing, I should be able to publish Release #1 🙂

Thanks for reading!

This is the Race Details Screen

Race Details Screen

I found some time this weekend to work on the site and I am working on the Race Details screen. I’ve been working on it for a few hours now and I just don’t like the looks of it. Really the issue is with the race results. The race results by itself looks fine but it’s such a skinny object that it doesn’t really fit well with the rest of the page. I guess I could break out the results into a dialog, but this Race Details screen might be on a dialog and I can’t have dialogs within dialogs. That’s bad form.

I’m going to need to think this through a bit more. I’m going to watch a movie now and hopefully I think of something or else I will need to brainstorm this evening.

Short and sweet 🙂 Thanks for reading!