Release 5 Manage Club Members Renovations

Release 5 is finished and here are some screen shots and details not mentioned in the last post.


The menu has been update to include access to the Manage Members screen. As an admin you have a permission level, and you need permission level ZERO or ONE in order to access that page. Basically, if you have access to Manage Races then you also have access to Manage Members.

When recording race results there is an icon above the available racers section that you can click that will open the Manage Members screen in a dialog window. This is for when you need to quickly add or edit a racer while in the middle of recording results.


Above is a screen shot of the Manage Members screen.(showing as a dialog window) You can sort by name or by the last time a racer showed up to a race. I decided not to include the filtering option for active and non-active. It just didn’t seem necessary at this stage. Also, you can click a members name if you want to edit the name. You can deactivate a member at any time or even remove a member as long as they do not have any results recorded.

Thanks for reading!


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