Release 5 Details

Release 5 is already in development and now it is time to share what I have in store for you guys. This release will be purely for helping admins manage club members more efficiently, there will be no updates that a casual club member could see.

Right now the only way to get to manage your members is by clicking a small icon when you are recording your results. Release 5 will add a new admins menu option. The manage club members page is completely renovated and matches the look of most other pages on the site.

This newly renovated page gives you some new features that will allow you to manage your members better. You can filter your members by active and non-active, by default non-active members will appear at the bottom of the list so they are out of the way. You can sort the list of members by the date they last showed up for a race. This is my favorite new feature because I always have a hard time figuring out who hasn’t shown up for a race in a while. When recording results you have to sift through a list of available racers and sometimes that list can become overwhelming. When a member hasn’t shown up for a long time, you can mark them inactive which will get them out of the way and make recording results quicker.

Removing a member is only available if that member has never recorded a result before. If we were to remove a member that had results it would alter the outcome of every race they attended.

This release is fairly easy to implement and should be ready to deploy by next week. If you’re following me on twitter you’ll get even more up-to-date information on this release. Thanks for reading!


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