Logo, Menus and Club Creation

I have been working on some pretty boring stuff the past few days. The only cool thing that came out of it is the new logo. I can’t even call it new because it’s the first one I’ve ever had. Check it out.

logoIt’s not amazing, but it’s a start.

I also worked on the menus, specifically which drop-downs show depending on what club you are viewing, or logged in as, or is your default. I still think there are things I can do to improve the menus, but none of it is vital.

Next I will be working on club creation. Initially I wasn’t going to allow just anyone create a club on day 1, but I think that’s silly. Now I need to add a sign up link to the home page and login page and create the screen that allows you to pick a unique club name and prevent spamming.

Remember I am still planning to launch around January 8th, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!


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