Edit Admins Screen

I am currently working on the Edit Admins screen and I have provided an image below that shows what this dialog will look like(roughly). I still need to add an “Add New” link and the info button next to permissions may go away. I do still need to find a proper place to put the explanations for each permission level, but I’m not sure I want the info button to be the answer.

I am going to validate the login name and e-mail address as you type it. Login names will need to be unique across the system, so I’d like to provide instant feedback. E-mails obviously need to be ___@___.___ but that validation is really for convenience and to stop input errors from happening. Technically you could still put lol@lol.lol as the email address, but then that admin wouldn’t be able to receive e-mails.

As I’m typing this I have thought about the options here and realized that the password reset option doesn’t make much sense. Admins will ask to reset their own passwords, not have another admin do it for them. Also, I think there should be a check box that lets you opt-out of receiving the request to join e-mails. Maybe you have one or two guys that ONLY accept or deny requests to join and not every high-level admin wants to receive those e-mails.

So if you want to visualize this page, the columns should be Login | E-mail | Permission | Join Mail | Delete and Save.

I was debating if I should include functionality for setting admins inactive and active, but I doubt that would get used often. If I get requests for that feature, I’ll add it in.

So yeah, I have a lot of work to do. Thanks for reading!

This is the basic layout of the Edit Admins screen.

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