Series Details Screen

This weekend I finished up the Series Details screen and you can see an image of it at the bottom of this post. I implemented it on the main series screen, so that whenever you click the name of a series you will see the details screen in a dialog. Just like the Race Details screen, you can click a button to pop it out of the dialog and make it a full page.

Also on the Series Details screen, is a list of races in the series. Each race listed is a link to the Race Details screen for that race. As part of this feature I added a back button on the Race Details screen, so users can easily go back and forth through all the races in a series.

The next thing I need to work on is on the Admin version of the Club Profile screen. I added a link to that screen when I created it, that allows you to edit the administrators of your club. You will be able to add admins by giving them a user name and setting their permission level. A random strong password will be generated and sent to the e-mail address that is provided. This new user will log in with that password and have a chance to change the password to whatever they want.

I eluded to permission levels and to expand on that there will be 3 levels. Level 0(zero) is the highest level and it allows an admin to edit other admins access and permissions, edit the club profile screen and everything the other levels have access to. Level 1 allows access to accept or deny requests to join the club and add series, races and input results. Level 2 only allows access to accept or deny requests to join.

So not only do I need to create the screen where you add/edit the admins, I need to hook up the permissions into all of the admin screens so that admins with permission level 1 and 2 can’t access the add/edit admins screen because they should not have access to that screen.

This will take a while to complete, but you can stay updated on my progress by viewing this blog. I’ll have updates with images along the way.

Thanks for reading! see below for the series details screen shot.

This is the Series Details screen as a dialog.

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