Race Details as a Dialog Part 2

Last night I finished implementing the Race Details screen everywhere it needed to be. I also came across some user interface issues on some pages that were showing a dialog, so I fixed them quickly.

Now that the Race Details screen is coded and implemented, I can move on to the Series Details screen. The Series Details screen will be similar to the Race Details screen except that it will contain a prominently displayed leader board specific to this series. Below the leader board will be the series description that is collapsible. Below that will be a list of races in the series. Each race listed is a link to the Race Details screen. For that to work well I will need a “Back” button on the Race Details screen.

After I finish up this series details screen, I am going to move on to the sign-up screen and then the custom 404 page after that. The new year is approaching quickly and I want to make sure that I have some vital pieces working so there isn’t a time crunch. I was doing my budget and unless I get some money for Christmas, it looks like I won’t be able to purchase the server and domain names until around January 8th. It would be nice to have what I want for release #1 done before January so I can start some sort of count down to launch to get everyone excited. Absolute worse case scenario, I launch on January 19th.

Thanks for reading!


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