Don’t Panic!

Here’s the story… I was working on the site and I noticed that I need some delete functions for series and races. It is possible that you could accidentally create a series or a race and want to delete it, so I proceeded to provide this feature because I knew it would be useful and quick to implement. After I coded it, I wanted to test it and I did and it seemed to work great. Little did I know I was deleting results for EVERY CLUB!!!

This is the part where you shouldn’t panic. I take backups regularly so I had a recent one I could pull the results from and add back to my current database that has no results now. I knew I wouldn’t have every piece of data from the results, but most would be there and I could just cycle through my races and see which ones were missing data.

I take pictures of all the Forza finish screens, so I have a second form of backup to pull from. This would have been a lot bigger SNAFU if it wasn’t just my club’s data, but even then I would have backups taken more often, so maybe I would lose data for 24 hours or so. 24 hours of data shouldn’t be a lot of data per club. Say I lose all the results for all clubs and there are 1,000 clubs but I restore all the data except the race those 1,000 clubs ran last night. 1,000 clubs will have to enter 1 nights worth of data. It’s a free site, I’m one guy, I think it’s a pretty fair deal.

Honestly I don’t expect this to happen to the production environment anyways. These things will be caught by me in development. I hope no one is panicking, because I’m not.

Thanks for reading!


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