Manage Races Screen

Hello anybody! Just to update you on my last post, I did add my code to use the race details screen as a dialog. All that meant was that when I wanted to, I could hide the menus at the top of the page if they weren’t needed. I do still need to start using that screen as a dialog on some pages, I have yet to do that but it’s next on my list.

As for today, I worked on getting an Add New Series button added to the Manage Races Screen. See below for an image 🙂 I added a little “tab” on top of the series blocks that says “Add New Series” in orange so it sticks out. I then started hooking it up to actually do the add and I came across a bug, well two bugs.

The first bug which is an actual issue that I need to address is that when I save the series and elect to also save the race data, my series data doesn’t get re-loaded. This sounds like an easy bug, so maybe it will take me an hour.

The other “bug” I found is when I save the race data and I have more finishers in the results than I have finish places defined in my points template, the extra finishers will not get saved in the results. I guess it is a legitimate bug the more I think about it, but honestly if your game allows for say 16 players and you only have a points template defined with 15 positions the it’s on you. Actually as I typed that out I thought of a pretty simple solution. When a club is created, the site should create templates for each game, based on the maximum number of racers that game allows. Adding that feature won’t fix the bug, but it should make it less likely to happen. That fix sounds like a post-Release #1 issue so it will not hold up this release.

Thanks for reading!

This is the Manage Races Screen with the “Add New Series” link included

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