Race Details Screen Part 2

So if you read Race Details Screen Part 1 you would know I was having issues about what this screen would ultimately look like. I figured out a solution and am sharing the image below.

The issue I was having was with how I should show the results. When it was just the race results, it looked to left-heavy. I decided to put the race results and the current series standings to the right of the race results. This evens up the page and gives some more useful information. Racers usually know where they placed in any given race but they don’t always know where they stand in the current series. Doing it this ways eliminates having to resort to using a completely separate page or using a dialog.

I still have some work to do on this page before I call it “done.” I still need to add code so that it can be used as a dialog for other screens. I plan on using it as a dialog on the main Races screen. When you click a race name either under Upcoming Races or Recent Results, this Race Details screen will pop up in a dialog. Obviously for upcoming races there won’t be any results, so I could hide that tab altogether for those situations.

I have a few hours to go on this screen, but when it’s done and implemented everywhere then I can call the Club Profile page done. While playing around with the site I noticed that there is no way to add a new series via the manage series/races screen. I’m not sure how I overlooked that, but that is what I am working on after the club profile. Then as long as I don’t find anything else vital in my final round of testing, I should be able to publish Release #1 🙂

Thanks for reading!

This is the Race Details Screen

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