Query Strings and Dialogs

I was without internet access last night, so I had to wait until this morning to work on some things.

I fixed my issues with query strings, but while looking at those few pages I realized I moved all of my dialogs into include files and did not reference those includes across the site. These dialogs are for the club search, the loading and error messages that we show, etc.

This is the Club Search Dialog

To the left is the Club Search dialog. All it is, is a box with the search control on it. After the first release, I will need to upgrade the search functionality. Right now it’s hard to use because you would need to know what club you are looking for to find anything or you can click View All Clubs, but then it could show you 1000 results that aren’t useful to you. What we really need is a way for users to say, “I want to see clubs that race at this time or on these days that have this personality or run these kinds of races.” A name doesn’t tell you much, if anything, about a club or when they race or what their intentions are.

Yeah, I’m kind of side-tracking here but these things bother me. So for the remainder of today I’m going to focus on hiding links to features that will not be going in the first release. After that, CLUB PROFILE! I really want this club profile to be awesome, so like I said, I’m going to take my time on it and get it right. I’ll make a post about the layout once I figure out what it should be.

Thanks for reading!


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