Bonus Points Done

For some reason in my last post I said it could take a few DAYS to finish up calculating the bonus points into all the places that we display points. Well, I finished already. I also worked on moving some code into multiple files. I had 1 huge file that contained all the server side functions I was using and it got called from many different pages. I split it up so that each page gets it’s own file for server functions. This will make it easier to locate relevant code when I need to make changes.

As I said in the last post, I am going to work on fixing some query string variables that I renamed but didn’t fix every where. Then I’ll be able to remove the features that I thought I would enable but realized they could wait for later releases. I’ll have an update on that tomorrow.

Oh! and I had thought that I would not be supporting iRacing because they do have their own site to manage leagues, but I went to scope it out and saw that it costs money to use their league site. Since I am a free option it only seems right that I support the iRacing community as well. I really need to figure out what all of the tracks and their variations are(there is a ton!)

Thanks for reading!


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