So in my last post, I talked about working on needed to finish up some save routines in order to get the admin screen for managing series and races to work. This post is just an update…

I have hooked up the save to the new manage series/races page and it is working. YAAY! The problem with that is I added being able to give racers bonus points when inputting the results of a race and that code isn’t included in the old save routine. Adding that code shouldn’t take long but where I thought I was done, I am not.

On a different note, I took a break from coding the save routines to add a WordPress link to the home page. I plan on using this blog all throughout the life of the site so that users know what I’m up to. I feel that being as transparent as possible really goes a long way with users. I know that’s what I like to see from developers. Right now I have this blog and a Twitter account. I plan on setting up a Facebook page and I have icons for YouTube and Instagram, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever want to put content on those sites. We’ll see…

Thanks for reading!


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