Bonus Points

Yesterday I finished up the save routine including the bonus points. I then entered some results that I had pending with my club and recorded the results using the new interface 🙂 this is awesome. Then I realized that we aren’t actually using these bonus points in the calculations all over the site. I identified the following places I need to make changes.

  • The main races screen and the view all races screen has a table of recent results that shows winner, second, and third. Also, when you click on the name of the race we show the full results with a column for points earned.
  • The main leader board page has a column for points.
  • The main series page has a column for points leader and points ahead. Also when you click the name of a series we show a breakdown of the races in the series which includes the results and points earned.
  • The main racers page shows points earned.

So I still have some work to do for bonus points to be working correctly and I need to finish it before I can do my first release. I figure this will take a few days to implement and test.

After bonus points I will be moving on to query strings! Query strings are variables that get passed in the URL. At one point in development I switched from cid=1(cid stands for club id) to just club=1 and I didn’t make the change to ALL of the occurrences, so I need to get on that. After that I need to disable some unfinished features that aren’t going in the first release. At that point I’ll have all of the small stuff out of the way and will be able to focus on the Club Profile.

The Club Profile is like the landing page for each club. It will show When the next race is and the details of that race. It shows how many active racers are with the club. The club description, personality, and contact info will all be on display. The ability for non-members to request to join will be there as well. I’m going to spend a lot of time on this part of the site, to make sure it is aesthetically pleasing as well as intuitive to navigate.

Thanks for reading!

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