What am I working on RIGHT NOW?

I’m not ready to release anything right now, and I figured I should tell people what I am currently working on so that there is a known reason for why the site hasn’t been released yet.

Right now I am working on a new Manage Races screen. When I first developed the site, I just wanted to get things working and made some poor design choices. Over time I poured over my screens and tried to think of ways to improve the design. The admin screens are the worse, by far. See below for some images.

This is the old version of the Manage Races Screen

The image above is  of the old Manage Races screen. As you can see, you select the Series and Races by using the drop down controls. The edit description text editors are out-dated and they don’t work on all browsers. Also, the layout of this page is terrible for mobile users.

This is the new version of the Manage Races Screen

The above image is of the new Manage Races screen. On this new screen there are rows in dark blue that are for each racing series. Click the name of the series to expand and gain the ability to edit the name and points, add new races, edit the description and see rows of existing races in light blue. Clicking the name of a race expands to allow editing of the race name, laps, track, date and time of race, results, and the race description.

I despise the use of drop down controls where they are not needed, so this design eliminates the ones that were ridiculous.

Edit Description Dialog

This new design also breaks out the text editor into it’s own area. The look is updated and the layout is mobile friendly. The text editor we are using is the CKEditor, which is an open source HTML text editor. It’s fast, extendable, and works in a lot of different browsers where the old one did not.

So, if you were wondering what exactly I have been working on, it’s this. I am at the point where I need to work on the save routines and do a lot of extra testing. After this page, I need to simplify the contact page and remove links to content that we are not releasing yet. Once I get to that point, the first release will become available.

The first release will be a soft launch and I will only be adding new clubs manually upon request. I don’t want to open the flood gates just yet, and I’d like to get some initial feedback before I let just anyone create a club.

Thanks for reading!


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